Awans zawodowy nauczyciela mianowanego

O ye who left Tmolus, the bulwark of Lydia, ye women, my revel rout. whom I brought from your foreign homes to be ever by my side and bear me company, uplift the cymbals native to your Phrygian home, that were by me awans zawodowy nauczyciela mianowanego the great mother Rhea first devised, and march around the royal halls of Pentheus smiting them, that the city of Cadmus may see you; while I will seek Cithaerons glens, there with my Bacchanals to join the dance. From Asia oer the holy ridge of awans zawodowy nauczyciela mianowanego hasten to a pleasant task, a toil that brings no weariness, for Bromius sake, in honour of the Bacchic god. Who loiters in the road. who lingers neath the roof.
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